HR Finance Dept

Town of Waterboro

HR Finance Dept

HR Finance Dept

Laura Fish - HR Finance Director
(207) 247-6166, Ext. 107
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Amber St Ours - Deputy Treasurer
PHONE: (207) 247-6166, Ext. 113
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Completed F/Y '22 Audit by RHR Smith & Co., CPAs (93 pages, 682KB)


The HR-Finance Dept is responsible for the receipt, disbursement, record keeping and managing of all Town funds including processing of payroll, vendor payments, collection of tax titles (tax liens) and discharging of tax liens. The office issues foreclosure notification on taxes that are overdue by 18 or more months.

Please see the Tax Acquired Property Ordinance for a detailed explanation of the Town of Waterboro's handling of foreclosed property.