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2024 Budget  Committee Meeting Schedule


MAR. 18, 2024 MEETING - agenda
FY25 Final Proposed Budget - Updated Mar. 19, 2024
MAR. 18, 2024 Meeting Minutes
- unapproved

FEB. 12, 2024 MEETING -
FY25 Proposed - Recreation (Dept. 55)
FY25 Proposed - Unclassified (Dept. 95)

JAN. 22, 2024 Meeting Minutes
JAN. 25, 2024 Meeting Minutes

FEB. 05, 2024 Meeting Minutes
- approved
FY25 Draft Budget Document - Updated Feb. 12, 2024

FEB. 05, 2024 MEETING -
FY25 Proposed - Public Works (Dept. 85)
FY25 Proposed - Transfer Station (Dept. 80)
FY25 Proposed - Municipal Buildings (Dept. 35)
FY25 Proposed - Capital Impovements (Dept. 92)
FY25 Draft Budget Document - Updated Feb. 5, 2024

JAN. 25, 2024 MEETING -
FY25 Proposed - Code Enforcement (Dept. 45)
FY25 Proposed - Planning Board (Dept. 60)
FY25 Proposed - Planning Department (Dept. 62)
FY25 Proposed - Zoning Board of Appeals (Dept. 65)
FY25 Proposed - Assessing (Dept. 40)
FY25 Draft Budget Document - Updated Jan. 22, 2024

JAN. 22, 2024 MEETING -
Documents below updated based on 1/22/24 committee voting 

FY25 Proposed - I.T. Department (Dept. 32)
FY25 Proposed - Fire Department (Dept. 70)
FY25 Proposed - Library (Dept. 50)
FY25 Proposed - Hydrant Rental (Dept. 77)
FY25 Proposed - Ross Corner Fire (Dept. 79)
JAN. 18, 2024 Meeting Minutes 
- approved
FEB. 16, 2023 Meeting Minutes
 - approved

JAN. 18, 2024 MEETING - agenda
Documents below updated based on 1/18/24 committee voting 

FY25 Proposed - General Government (Dept. 10)
FY25 Proposed - Leases (Dept. 13)

FY25 Proposed - Insurance (Dept. 15)
FY 25 Proposed - Town Clerk (Dept. 20)
FY 25 Proposed - Tax Collector (Dept. 25)
FY 25 Proposed - Finance/Treasurer (Dept. 30) 
FY25 Proposed - General Assistance (Dept. 87)
FY25 Proposed - Misc. Accounts (Dept. 95)
FY25 Proposed - Old Home Days (Dept. 97)

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Waterboro has a Budget Committee per Town Charter implemented July 1, 2013.. 
Finance Committee is no longer active .

Waterboro Town Charter: Section 602 – Budget Committee
There shall be a Budget Committee composed of five (5) members who shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. No other official or employee of the Town may be a member. The Budget Committee shall aid the Town Administrator in the creation of proposed budgets before submittal of the proposed budget to the Board of Selectmen. The Budget committee shall review and make recommendations on the annual operating budget and on the annual capital expenditures as proposed by the Board of Selectmen, Town Administrator, Town Officers and Department heads in determining recommended expenditures. Additional duties include to review and to make recommendations on supplemental appropriations and expenditures and other budgetary action whenever proposed by the Town Administrator and/or Board of Selectmen; and to make such other recommendations on fiscal matters as it may from time to time be deemed advisable by the Town Administrator and/or Board of Selectmen. The committee‟s authority shall be advisory only. Any recommendation on a matter requiring Town meeting shall be printed with the article in the warrant and on the ballot, if any, along with such other recommendations as may be included by the municipal officers or required by law. The Town Administrator and/or Board of Selectmen shall cooperate with and provide the Committee with such information as may be reasonably necessary and available to enable it to carry out its functions. The Committee will hold meetings on an as needed basis.