Ordinances & Policies

Ordinances & Policies


Accrual Policy
Annual Budgeting and Financial Review Policy
Applying Payment to Overdue Taxes Policy
Board of Assessment Review
Bylaws of the Board of Selectmen
Bylaws of the Planning Board
Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy

Committee/Board Policy
Employee Use of Town Credit Card Policy
Fixed Asset Policy
Hazardous & Special Waste and Exclusion Plan
Internet & Email Policy
Notary Public Commissions of Town Personnel & Policy on Notary Public Fees
Ossipee Lake Water Level Policy
Personnel Policy
Plumbing and Septic System Permit Fees
Political Signs on Veterans Monument
Purchase Policy
Remote Participation Policy
Research Policy (Staff Research/Investigation Service Policy)

Safety & Return to Work Policy
Sale of Crushed Stone Policy
Smoke-Free Workplace Policy
Smoking Policy Amendment
Snowplowing Policy
Social Media Policy
Storm Policy
Tax Payments on Matured Tax Liens
Transfer Station & Recycling Facility Emergency Action Plan
Transfer Station & Recycling Facility Operations Manual
Transfer Station Fees & Policies
Universal Waste Handling Requirements for a Solid Waste Facility
Use of Old Town Hall Front Room Policy
Winter Roads Foreman
Waiver for Extended Snow Removal